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MS International Relations

MS International Relations

Eligibility Criteria (M.Phil. Program)

  • Sixteen years of schooling or 4-years education (124-130 credit Hours) after HSSC/F.Sc/ Grade 12 equivalents in the relevant subject with at least 2.50 CGPA from a recognized University as per HEC rules.
  • Mandatory to pass NTS Type test to be conducted by KIU itself.


            MS IR Semester I:
  Codes Course Titles Credits
1 IR 701 International Relations: Advanced Theory and Practice 3
2 IR 704 Power, Interdependence and Transnationalism 3
3 IR 708 Advanced Foreign Policy Analysis 3
4 IR 703 Advanced Research Methodology- Qualitative Analysis 3
Total: 12
            MS IR Semester II:
  Codes Course Titles Credits
1 IR 706 Politics of Middle East 3
2 IR 707 Advanced Research Methodology – Quantitative Analysis 3
3 IR 702 Global Political Economy 3
4 IR 709 Traditional and Non-traditional Security Paradigms 3
Total: 12
            MS IR Semester III & IV:
Codes Course Titles Credits
1 IR 710 Thesis 6
Grand Total: 30

Following is the scheme of studies for 2 – Years MS/MPhil in International Relations of 30 credit hours including 6 credit hours of thesis, which is compulsory.

List of Core Courses:

It is suggested that the core courses should be of 3 credit hours and also all the optional courses of 3 credit hours. However, the academic bodies of the universities are autonomous to determine the weightage of each course.

  1. IR 701: International Relations: Advanced Theory and Practice (3 Credit Hours)
  2. IR 703: Advanced Research Methodology- Qualitative Analysis (3 Credit Hours)
  3. IR 709: Traditional and Non-traditional Security Paradigms (3 Credit Hours)

List of Optional Courses:

Following is an optional list of courses to be offered by the universities concerned. The course teacher(s) would provide the course contents and the core/recommended books at the time of the offering of a course. The academic bodies of the respective universities are free to add other titles as well in the given list of optional courses.


  1. IR 702: Global Political Economy
  2. Politics of South Asia
  3. Ethnic Conflict in Global Perspective
  4. IR 706: Politics of Middle East
  5. International Law and Use of Force
  6. Contemporary Trends in International Law
  7. Comparative Analyses of Foreign Policy of Major Powers (any two)
  8. IR 708: Foreign Policy Analysis
  9. Role of International Financial Institutions in International Relations
  10. An Analysis of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy
  11. Politics and Security of Asia-Pacific Region
  12. National Security Issues in Contemporary Pakistan
  13. Contemporary Environmental Issues
  14. Major Issues of Muslim World
  15. Conflict and Cooperation in South Asia
  16. Peace Building in Post-Conflict Societies
  17. International Organizations
  18. Power Sharing in Multiethnic States
  19. International Security, Arms Control, and Nuclear Non-Proliferation
  20. Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, and Radiological Terrorism
  21. Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean
  22. Kinetic and Non-Kinetic Warfare
  23. Central Asian and Caucasus Regions
  24. Politics of Human Rights
  25. Contemporary Political Theories
  26. IR 711: Regional Economic Integration
  27. IR 707: Advanced Research Methodology – Quantitative Analysis
  28. IR 704: Power, Interdependence and Transnationalism
  29. Contemporary Issues in International Relation



# Applicant Name Fathers Name Registration No.
1 Mushahid Hussain Fida Hussain 2022-KIU-MS637
2 Imran Ahmed Mir Abbas 2022-KIU-MS634
3 Khanum Riza Ghulam Riza 2022-KIU-MS635
4 Ebad Ullah Khattak Fazlullah Khattak 2022-KIU-MS631
5 Sikander Ishaq 2022-KIU-MS642
6 Saniya Zahra Muhammad Ismail 2022-KIU-MS640
7 Fahim Ullah Hussain Ullah 2022-KIU-MS646
8 Tehseenullah Muhammad Ismail 2022-KIU-MS643
9 Ghazanfar Iqbal Iqbal Hussain 2022-KIU-MS633
10 Sheraz Hanif Muhammad Hanif 2022-KIU-MS641
11 Sabir Ali Sadiq Ali 2022-KIU-MS639
12 Zaffar Muhammad Mirza Muhammad 2022-KIU-MS645
14 Tufail Ahmed Qasim Ali 2022-KIU-MS644
15 SHAVANA GUL Muhammad Munir Shah 2022-KIU-MS638
16 Ahmad Ullah Baig Rahmat Ullah Baig 2022-KIU-MS629
17 Almgir Zaheer 2022-KIU-MS630
18 Kiran Sultan Sultan Ishaque 2022-KIU-MS636
19 Kaneez Fatima ` Muhammad Raza 2022-KIU-MS738
20 Ajab Noor Bumull Ali Noor 2022-KIU-MS739
21 Ghulam Abbas Muhammad Ibrahim 2022-KIU-MS787
23 Wajid Hussain Akbar Hussain 2022-KIU-MS788